Strategic Social Media Management

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The Strategic Social Media Management package was designed for businesses that need to take their social media to the next level! Utilizing organic growth methods, content creation, and ad management to improve the ROI from social media. As a business owner, you’ll be able to increase leads and improve the engagement of your social media.

What’s Included In This Package:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • 3-month social media strategy aligned with your company’s goals and objectives
  • Hashtag research for targeted reach and improved engagement
  • Posting schedule for optimized times per platform

Monthly Content Calendar

  • Custom copy for each post and for each platform
  • Custom hashtag groupings for each post
  • Content creation and curation (graphics, Gifs, videos, quotes, etc)*

Strategic Social Media Management

  • Content will be scheduled and posted based on the brand’s social media strategy
  • Organic growth and engagement tactics will be used to improve the metrics of each page
  • Management of ads to ensure content reaches targeted consumers**

Analytics Reporting

  • Monthly, custom reports for organic and paid social media tactics
  • monthly status report

*video product could incur additional costs based on needs

**must have ad budget or ad spending already in place

Platforms You Can Receive Help With:

| Instagtam | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ |

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For Pricing:

My packages are custom tailored to your business and/or brand’s needs when it comes to social media assistance. Please contact me so we can set-up a brief 15-minute conversation about your social media management needs.



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