These packages we’re created to quickly give you the opportunity to find the services you need, and have them delivered weekly. You have the option to use one package, or double them to fit the needs of your business or lifestyle.  Click on the package that intrigues you the most to find out more details of the package.

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1 Social media creation Package Virtual Task Corner

The Social Media Creation Package provides assistance to those looking to create 2-6 social media pages for their business or personal pages. Get assistance with creation, account bio, and description. A complete competition analysis will be provided to determine target market and pages or groups that you need to be interactive on. Likewise, a complete guide for logging in, posting, updating, and changing information will be provided. See complete breakdown of this package here.


2 Social media content creation package Virtual Task Corner

The Social Media Content Package provides you with the meat and bones of your social media accounts: quotes, memes, infographics, engagement posts, call-to-action posts, and business promotion images.  You’ll be able to keep your social media accounts updated with content and media that is created with your target market in mind. See complete breakdown of the package here.


3 Social media management package Virtual Task Corner

The Social Media Management Package provides assistance in managing 2-6 social media accounts on a weekly basis. You’ll receive help with content scheduling, comment monitoring, postings in groups, and interactions with your target market. This ensures your social media accounts stay active and receive continuous growth. See complete breakdown of the package here.

4 Blog maintenance package Virtual task corner

The Blog Maintenance Package helps with providing weekly SEO keyword rich blog posts for your niche or target market to enjoy. Complete with blog headers, social media promotional posts, Pinterest posts, and call-to-action images for each blog post. This package will improve the inbound marketing for your blog or website. See complete breakdown of package here.

5 general admin secretary virtual task corner

The General Admin Services Packages supports the busy entrepreneur or small business with daily secretarial tasks to ensure smooth flow of daily activities. From schedule maintenance to note taking for phone conferences. See complete breakdown of package here.

6 combo packages virtual task corner

The Combo Package exists for those that would like to use 2 services together. For example, if you wanted help with content creation and management for your social media. Or if social media management and general administrative services would better support your goals. See how a combo package works here.

If you have any questions, use the contact form or email me at today!