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There are numerous ways that business owners can place their products and services in front of consumers. These marketing touchpoints allow consumers to engage with their favorite products and brands at each phase of the purchase process. My Digital Marketing Assistance will help you manage advertisements placed on popular social platforms to help reach users at multiple touchpoints to pique consumer  interest and increase the amount of leads you generate. The Digital Marketing Assistance can be used with the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook*
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

*Facebook is the most common, and automatically connects to Instagram, unless you decide to disconnect.

What’s Included In This Package:

Lead Generation

  • I use a custom lead generating formula to grab contact information of potential leads. This will then be used to follow up and secure them as a customer.

Keyword Research

  • Research will be conducted for keywords your ad should target
  • A mixture of High, Medium, and Low cost/reach keywords will be researched and analyzed for optimal reach

Target Customer Research

  • Research will be conducted for any groups, pages, or topics your target market is interested in
  • Custom target groups will be created based on this research data

Advertisement Copywriting

  • Assistance with writing unique and captivating ad copy
  • Shortlink creation and tracking

Ad Profile Management

  • Daily ad management to ensure account is in good standing and any issue are resolved quickly
  • Management of comments or questions from viewers

Analytics And Reporting

  • Custom reports per digital advertising platform
  • monthly status report for PPC, Conversions, Traffic, and more!


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For Pricing:

My packages are custom tailored to your business and/or brand’s needs when it comes to social media assistance. Please contact me so we can set-up a brief 15-minute conversation about your social media management needs.



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