Job Search Help: How I secured 5 interviews within 3 days

How I secured 5 interviews within 3 days

Even with my dire need to be entrepreneurial, I still enjoy the idea of consistent income from a job that pays  hourly. I freelance my social media marketing and management services, but like all freelance positions, some clients fade away, which equals a decrease in steady income.

I personally feel like working for someone else is a great way to improve my skills and build a network of like-minded. So in June, instead of spending countless hours pitching my services to people, I decided to pitch myself to companies to find a job for the summer . I was able to do all of my applying on a Saturday, and have companies calling me the following Monday. I found success just by using these 2 main tips and wanted to share with you all what worked for me!

Average time to read: 10 minutes


I’m not claiming to be a career guru or coach, I’m just sharing what helped me secure 5 interviews, and 3 jobs (1 in which I had to decline) within a week.  These are also entry/mid-level positions that I applied for. The application and search for C and D level positions (I’m sure) will be different and this guide does not help with that. If you have any questions, make sure to post them in the comments so I can answer them.

Spruce up your Resume

This is a no-brainer! Especially if your resume looks ancient, is too cluttered, or is using keywords that hiring managers aren’t looking for. I took the time to re-design my resume on Canva in a unique but professional layout, to make my resume more noticeable.

Need Help Updating your Resume-

I took my simple resume, gave it a fresh look that was a little more bold and noticeable. I uploaded my resume on Ziprecruiter (I will explain next) on a Saturday, and  went from no one communicating with me to having 8 companies view my resume, and 5 recruiters call me that following Monday. All from me just updating the format!

If you look at my first resume, it has a standard Microsoft Word format, one that many people use. And the one that I designed has a unique, eye catching, yet professional black and white theme. Definitely not one of my best designs, however it’s more noticeable than the original one and my name is the first thing you see in the bold black and white.

Greene Bryanna UB resume 1

Keywords and Active Verbs

When editing my resume I made a point to use keywords (traits, objectives, and skills) that hiring managers look for in the job descriptions. This can be done by looking at a few applications before applying and researching the top 10-15 words they use. For me, it was things like social media, marketing, and Microsoft computer applications.

I also used “Resume and Cover Letter Action Verbs” from The Balance to help me find active verbs that explain what I did at my previous jobs without being repetitive.

When focusing on my previous work history, I wrote down the top 3 things I did in the job. Then I made a point to quantify them. For example, I improved the metrics of a client’s social media by 28% or I managed a team of 20 interns (look at my resume above).

What to do when you have 10-15 years of experience??

I recently passed on these same tips to one of my friends and helped her develop a resume that fits all of the expereience she had within 2 pages. I still used the Action Verb list, and researched the keywords that employers we’re looking for in the positions she was applying to. She had over 10 years of work history, however we were still able to summarize what she did. Check out how her resume layout came out below.

P.S. I took out her information to protect her privacy 😉 ,

Modern Resume Template for ten years experience Virtual Task Corner

Job Search + Uploading Resume.

There are many job listing platforms out there,  but from my experience Ziprecruiter is the best. And no, I’m not getting paid to say this, if you try their platform you will see what I mean! You’re able to see hundreds of entry-level to corporate level jobs all in the United States. Ziprecruiter allows you to upload your resume, apply to some jobs just by checking them, and Ziprecruiter will send them your resume. I also like how the platform sends me updates on the companies that viewed my resume through email AND text.

However I also used the platform to see what keywords recruiters were looking for in their job descriptions like I mentioned above.  As you can see in this screenshot, I first applied to this position on 6/17/2017 (a Saturday) the company viewed my resume on 6/19/2017 (a Monday) and they called to set up an interview that same day. All while this was happening, Ziprecruiter texted and emailed me updates on when they viewed my resume.

Zip Recruiter started to apply for jobs Virtual Task Corne

The Job Search Process

The job search process is really simple. Of course you need to make an account, upload the resume you have updated and click if you want recruiters to scan your resume or if you’re able to relocate.

Zip Recruiter started to apply for jobs Virtual Task Corner 4

When looking for a position you can search by title or industry, and then location. You’re also able to search for things like “entry level” or by a company’s name.

Zip Recruiter started to apply for jobs Virtual Task Corner 2

One of the best things about Ziprecruiter is the option to “1-Click Apply”. You can apply to these jobs after uploading your resume just by clicking that button. This really helps if you are applying to multiple jobs in the same industry, than can also appreciate the same qualifications.

Zip Recruiter started to apply for jobs Virtual Task Corner 3

Before and after appyling to a job, I would research the company and make sure they are legit. There are numerous companies on here that are “scammy”

Job Search Checklist

This is really all I did to secure the two jobs I have and find other companies where I could potentially work. If you are looking for a job, or have been unemployed for a while I would suggest reformatting your resume and trying out Zip recruiter.  To summarize all of this info that I compiled, I created a checklist:

  1. Look at your resume for things to be updated (format, profile, work experience descriptions)
  2. Visit Ziprecruiter to search for jobs you would apply to
  3. Take note of the keywords they used (what they are looking for)
  4. Use the keywords when editing your resume
  5. Visit the Action Verb list from The Balance to updated work experience descriptions on resume
  6. Edit your resume (or email for help)
  7. Upload your resume to Ziprecruiter
  8. Research jobs, companies, and their work history
  9. Start applying to jobs (apply to more than one)
  10. Check back daily (or your emails/texts) to stay updated on who viewed your resume.

And it’s that easy!

What is the most complicated part of writing a resume? Let me know in the comments!


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