Social Media Content Creation Virtual Assistant Package

2 Social media content creation package Virtual Task Corner

The Social Media Content Package provides you with the meat and bones of your social media accounts: quotes, memes, infographics, engagement posts, call-to-action posts, and business promotion images.  You’ll be able to keep your social media accounts updated with content and media that is created with your target market in mind.

You will be able to choose the content that will be designed for your social media and create a custom package for your business and social media needs.

What this package entails:

  • Content to be posted 3-4 times a day, 7 days a week (21-28 images)
  • 1 video from blog content or business information
  • blog to content images (infographics, quotes, tips, etc.)

Types of content:

  • quick videos (5-20 seconds) (count of 1)
  • infographics
  • quotes
  • memes
  • business promotion
  • blog content feature
  • call to action
  • engagement (question) images
  • Snapchat GEO Filter
  • Polyvore Outfit sets

Formats for content:

  • Instagram (500 X 500, or 800 X 800)
  • Pinterest (735 X 1125)
  • Facebook (940 X)

Choose how much content do you need a week:

  • 21 ($150)
  • 28 ($200)

Let’s get started:

Contact Bryanna Greene at or use contact form to start your Social Media account(s) creation so your business can compete in this digital age.

Bundle this package with another for $50 off:

See breakdown of packages here

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