#1 Rule for Using Social Media for Your Business


After earning my Inbound Methodology Certificate from Hubspot Academy and working with a few clients to build their social media presence, I found 1 rule to be important for social media.

The #1 rule to Social Media Is….

*drumroll please*


Only focus on the social media platforms your target audience and clients use! Many times I have people contacting me to post and design content for 5-8 social media platforms, yet they only have a true following on 2-3 of those platforms.

It makes sense to spend more time on the platforms giving you great results, instead of wasting time on social media sites where you may have only 1-20 followers and zero interactions.


Before you think of adding a new social media platform for your business marketing,  ask yourself  a few questions:

  • is my client base using this platform?
  • Is my target audience *mainly* using this platform?
  • is my target audience large enough on this platform?
  • will it be easy to communicate with my clients on this platform?
  • how long will it take to build a community on this platform?
  • how often does my clients + target audience use this app? often? not at all?

After answering these questions, and you discover that the social media platform might not work for you, don’t use it! Instead focus on 2-3 social media platforms that you can build your brand on and leverage to increase your exposure.

Do You believe this rule is important?



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